A Renewal of Marriage Vows

A Renewal of Vows

So, open up the treasure-casket, love,

the treasure is still there, the hidden things

that love contains; old words, like wedding rings,

surroud their mysteries. They live and move

as breath renews them, burnished as the gold

around our fingers, glowing as we make

the vows that make us new again: I take,

protect, and comfort, cherish, have and hold,

the same old words, that cannot stay the same

for they have grown, as we have, more than old,

they change and deepen like all things that live,

they compass more and still have more to give:

All that I have is yours, all that I am

I give again, with all I will become.


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4 responses to “A Renewal of Marriage Vows

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  2. Sally Bermejo

    beautiful, thank you.

  3. Exquisitely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing something so rich and personal.

  4. Annelise

    This is beautiful and I love it, particularly the second half.

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