De Magistra

Here’s a little reverie on Love, Latin, and Learning

De Magistra

You were indeed my teacher, more than that,
Sole Magistra amidst the magisters,
I conjured you that I might conjugate.
Summon me now, and the whole register
Of love and loving answers to your call.
I lift my lines like water from a well,
Spilling in sound, amo, amas, amat,
A puer’s poor libation, at your feet.

My thankless muse, I meditate you now,
Your quick dark eyes still piercing my defence,
Your untouched hand touching the golden bough.
My mistress in the school of eloquence,
Strict arbitress of sentences and fines,

I asked for life, you gave me fourteen lines.


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4 responses to “De Magistra

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  2. I like this and have read it several times, finding something new with each reading. On the first quick scan I noticed the craftsmanship, so I went through more slowly and picked up the simile of lifting lines like water from a well (neat and apposite), then the onomatopoeia of water spilling; then came a smile at the last line. I like the proper turning point after line 8, and equally the unconventional – & exactly right! – break before the last line. Good stuff! I must must read something else on your site.

    • malcolmguite

      Thanks John, I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’ve just been reading and enjoying your meteorolgical take on Lear’s thunderstorm!

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