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Marriage 4 A Renewal of Vows


As they watch the Royal Wedding today and hear again, beneath the beautiful numinous arches of Westminster Abbey the cadences of the marriage vows, couples might be prompted to renew their own vows to one another. If so here is a sonnets about doing just that. The words in italics are taken directly from the wedding service

A Renewal of Vows

So, open up the treasure-casket, love,

The treasure is still there, the hidden things

That love contains. Old words like wedding rings

Surround their mysteries. They live and move

As breath renews them, burnished as the gold

Around our fingers, glowing as we make

The vows that make us new again: I take,

Protect and comfort, cherish, have and hold.

The same old words that cannot stay the same,

For they have grown, as we have, more than old.

They change and deepen like all things that live,

They compass more and still have more to give:

All that I have is yours, All that I am

I give again with all I will become.


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Marriage 3 Prayer in March

20110425-164515.jpgMaggie has a birthday in early March and every so often a sonnet would come along in time for it. For those of us prone to be shadowed by the long darkness of winter, March can be a very ‘low’ month when spring has not quite stirred, and this is a poem of thankfulness for fulfilment of that part of the wedding vows in which couples promise to ‘comfort’ one another

Prayer in March

Comfort you comfort me my lover
When sleep is falling soft upon your breast,
All the long daylight weariness is over,
Our room is full of shadowed quietness.
Through darkened branches ring-doves dart and flutter
In sudden starts of dusk and scented air,
Beneath the rainfall’s hurried pater noster
The stirring trees are rooted deep in prayer.
Wild winds outside are beating out their vespers,
Eleison they wail at our distress,
We hold each other close to God in whispers
And love each other into thankfulness.
Till all the worlds dark, restless night is over
Comfort you comfort me my lover

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Marriage 1 The Ring


The garden at Westcott House

To start my series of poems leading up to the Royal Wedding, here is a sonnet I wrote for Maggie for our wedding on St. Mary Magdalene’s day in 1984. We had chosen ‘the wedding at Cana’ as our reading, our reception was in the beautiful cloister garden of Westcott House in Cambridge. As always you can hear the sonnet either by pressing the ‘play’ button, if it appears in your browser, or else by clicking on the title of the poem.

The Ring

Join hands with me and step into the ring

Shining in white with flowers in your hair.

The word Himself will give us songs to sing

And move the hidden voices of the air.

Here in his garden, where He laid His treasure

And came Himself before the day was dawning,

Here where he gave a gift beyond our measure,

And Mary’s footfall echoed in the morning,

Here He will raise us up and quench our thirst,

Setting upon our happiness his sign,

As, at His bidding in the wedding feast,

Waters of cleansing reddened into wine.

Then we shall turn to him with joy and sing

Whose love surrounds us in a golden ring.

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Marriage 2 The Sacred Ship

As a second for my series of poems about marriage, leading up to the Royal Wedding, Here is a poem I wrote for Maggie, to accompany an anniversary gift of a silver brooch bearing the image of a mediaeval ship. Sadly we no longer have the brooch as it was stolen when our vicarage was robbed, though it looked a little like this:

Happily we still have the poem, as poetry, like love, is one of those things that nobody can actually steal. It goes like this:

The Sacred Ship

Here is the image of a sacred ship,

Her silver cross-beam set within a ring,

Love, let it be a token of our hope

When sudden storms or floods are threatening,

When faith gives way to doubt, or love to fear,

Then, as on Galilee, we’ll rouse the Lord,

For he is sleeping with us and will hear

And make our peace with his creative Word,

Who made us, loved us, formed us and has set

His chosen pair of lovers in an ark.

Borne upwards by his spirit, we will float

Above the rising waves, the falling dark

As fellow pilgrims, driven towards that haven,

Where all will be redeemed, fulfilled, forgiven.


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The Stations; a postscript-The Wedding; a prelude

Willows by Alexandra Drysdale

Easter Monday is a day for looking back and looking forward; back to the drama of Holy Week and Easter, Forward to the new life, in the coming spring and summer, that those events make posssible. Here in England the focus will suddenly swing from the festivities of Easter to the Royal Wedding on Friday, more of that shortly.
First I’d like to thank my readers, and especially my new readers who have been following me through my sonnet sequence on the stations. I hope you found them helpful and will feel free to return to them, even outside this ‘holy season’. If you wish to use them in liturgy or church events please feel free to do so, though if you could put a link to this site that would be great. Many people have asked me if they will be printed and the answer is yes. I am planning a book together with the artist Alexandra Drysdale who has done a moving series of pastel drawings of the stations. We did a joint event on Saturday here in Cambridge and the plan for a book with her pastels and my sonnets was born there, as soon as we have a publisher and publication date sorted I will let everyone know. I am lucky to know a group of very fine visual artists here in Cambridge and I also have another collaboration planned with the artist Rebecca Merry, centred on a series of poems I am writing on the four elements, so watch this space. I have been thinking alot about the visual arts recently, partly in preparation for a conference of CIVA, (Christians in the visual arts) at which I will be speaking in LA this June. For the first of my reflections on this theme see their blog here.

May by Rebecca Merry

Manwhile in England our thoughts are turning to the Royal Wedding. There is of course some sneering and cynicism in our media as there always is about anything that still has some grace and beauty about it or echoes of a more ancient and numinous world view. In my view marriage is more than just a social bond or convention, it is also a sacrament, a touching-place where the risen Lord Jesus breathes his being and his renewing power into our ordinary lives, and I look forward to seeing Rowan Williams enact that sacrament and give us all as a nation a chance to renew our vision of what marriage is about, another glimpse of George Herbert’s ‘heaven in ordinary’. By way of prelude and run up to the event I am going to post, (with Maggie’s permission!) some of the poems I have written for her over the twenty seven years of our marriage, chosen because they are also poems about marriage itself. So we will start tomorrow with a poem I wrote for our wedding day and conclude on Friday with a poem about renewing Marriage vows. I hope you enjoy them.

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