Christ Across Five Frontiers; All Five Talks.

During the course of Lent I gave a series of five lectures at St. Edwards called ‘Christ Across Five Frontiers; A Poetic Journey’ . Some of my readers and subscribers have asked how to get hold of them, so here is the little intro to the talks and then links to the podcast of each of them. I have set the podomatic site so that they can be downloaded from there as well as streamed. Just click on the title of the talk you want and it should take you to my podomatic page. They are also linked to iTunes, so if you use an iplayer you can go to podcasts, search for my name and you should also be able to stream and download them from within itunes.

Christ Across Five Frontiers:

Christ is not confined by human borderlines, religious or geographic. He crossed the fontiers between city and wilderness, Jew and Gentile, and ultimately, life and death. He still calls his followers to cross new frontiers with him. This Lent, with the help of some poets and visionaries, we will journey with Christ on both sides of five frontier lines:
The full line up of talks for lent is here:

Feb 28th: Faith/Doubt 
March 7th: Matter/Spirit 
March 14th: Reason/Imagination
March 21st: Self/Society 
March 28th: Life/Death

Among the poets who help us on the journey will be: Shakespeare,George Herbert, Milton,Blake, Tennyson, Thomas Hardy,Philip Larkin, and Geoffrey Hill.

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  1. Thank you Malcolm. It’s been a rich and intense and beautiful Easter. I intend to listen carefully to this series. It speaks of the avant garde, the challenge to the unfolding of our Christian faith. Blessings.

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