Lisa Mullins’ moving farewell to ‘The World’

goth_eucharist_203_203x152On Friday Lisa Mullins made her final broadcast as ‘Anchor man’ to The World. a program produced by PRI the BBC and WGBH, and which seems to be the American equivalent of the British ‘World Service’. She contacted me the day before croadcast to say that she intended to use a story about our Goth eucharist at St. Edwards and an interview with me as her final piece for the show. I’ve just been sent the link which includes a sound cloud recording of the item. It took me vividly back to a service two years ago and told a moving story. The clip is about 8 minutes long I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s a link to the World’ page for the story

and heres the soundcloud player:




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5 responses to “Lisa Mullins’ moving farewell to ‘The World’

  1. This is superb, Malcolm. A real blessing and soul nourishment today!

  2. Jeff

    Was happy to hear this story during our long drive from Florida back to Washington, DC. Thank you for your part in making the world a better place. Happy New Year.

  3. S. Johnson

    I never met Lis Mullins, but loved listening to her on the World. I hope she finds a light through the crack as she move forward on her journey. Thank you for providing the link.

    • Edward

      I have missed Lisa and, better late than never, what happened to her? E. Arle

      • Robert

        Lisa Mullins is at WBUR (Boston NPR). She hosts the afternoon, “All Things Considered.”
        WBUR also produces the mid-day show, “Here And Now”. Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson are heard daily on the show… unless one is out on assignment, or sick, or on vacation… and then Lisa Mullins sits in reprising her role on, “The World”.

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