A Song for Valentine’s Day

Playing Maggie’s song in the BBC studios

This time last year I was a guest on Sue Marchant’s Big Night In radio show  and took the opportunity to play this song live and dedicate it to my wife Maggie in time for Valentine’s day! I wrote it for her a few years ago and its on my new CD Dancing Through the Fire. Ironically its the only song of mine in which the movie industry has ever taken an interest, And for a while it looked as if it might be part of the sound track of a romantic movie. but the movie never got funding and the plans were dropped so I guess the title of the song turned out to be true after all!

I hope you enjoy it.  You can hear an early take with Oli Smith’s wonderful sax solo by pressing the play button or clicking on the title and the lyrics are posted below. The full CD version also includes wonderful harmony vocals by Rob Groves:

Movies s3 t3 m2

They Don’t Make Movies (Out of Love Like This)

All those people in the movies look so healthy young and tanned

And I know there’s nothing that they wouldn’t sell.

I can see their words of promise run like water into sand

So I draw my water from a deeper well.

When we wake up in the morning you can hardly face the day

And I see the courage other people miss,

As you spend yourself for others, as you keep the dark at bay,

But they don’t make movies out of love like this.




There’s no glamour like the magazines, no glitter like the stars,

No putting on the make-up to impress,

But we still stand together love, for all our battle-scars,

We hold each other’s hearts and still say yes.



You can’t photograph fidelity, or merchandise restraint,

Your inner beauty wont be selling soap.

And sometimes from the outside it might seem that love grows faint

On the inside its renewed each day in hope.

So there’s nothing on the surface to attract a stranger’s gaze

There’s not photo-genic posed romantic bliss,

Just two people staying faithful through the darkest winter days,

But they don’t make movies out of love like this.



And its been a long day’s journey just to get us up to bed,

But we’re not too tired to share a loving  kiss,

And the truest and the deepest things are more than can  be said,

And they don’t make movies out of love like this.


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9 responses to “A Song for Valentine’s Day

  1. mary therese

    Great song, total truth

  2. bluehourmagazine

    Gorgeous Malcolm.

  3. A beautiful gift for your wife and all of us! Thank you Malcolm.

  4. Love this – particularly given my age! xx

  5. Christine

    What a great song for those of us long into our love.

  6. Sweet, deep, strong witness to the incandescent beauty of cultivated and protected love. Thank you for giving words again to something some of us are blessed to have and recognise – faithful love. Bless you and Maggie for all your courage, kindness, and example.

  7. Tim Seago

    I am indebted to you in ways you cannot possibly know for the great gift and timing of your St. Valentine’s day song. As a recently appointed, married (for 26 years), parish priest in North London, still living with the builders at work on the new vicarage after seven months, with a son & daughter-in-law in the ever-frustrating movie business, my wife & I know many of the feelings you have articulated so beautifully.
    Thank you.

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