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Here’s my interview with Kevin Belmonte (author if great books on Chesterton and Wilberforce) for the website All Nine muses

All Nine

Malcolm Guite is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Cambridge, England. He is a priest, chaplain, teacher and author. His books include What Do Christians Believe?  and Faith Hope and Poetry. His latest collection of sonnets, Sounding the Seasons, has recently been released in a Kindle edition.

Kevin Belmonte interviewed Malcolm for this week’s Fridays with Friends.


Malcolm Guite 1

Kevin Belmonte: What/who/where are your consistent sources of inspiration?

Malcolm Guite: Ah! How long have you got? Bob Dylan once said ‘Open your ears, and you’re influenced!’ and in one sense everything I read and hear, especially poetry which I love, and tends to stay with me after one reading. Everything is in there somewhere and must contribute in some way to my feel for language and the way I write.

But in specific terms for this book (Sounding the Seasons) there are certain clear and conscious influences…

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