Oxford, Winnipeg, Houston, Westminster!

oxford-collegesI mentioned Greenbelt in my last post, but I thought I’d cast my eye a little further ahead, up to the end of the year and let you know what else I am doing, in case any of my readers might be able to get to any of these events!

First up is the CS Lewis Jubilee Festival based at Holy Trinity church Headington, in Oxford. Holy Trinity was CS Lewis’s local parish church, and amidst all the grand institutional celebrations of his Jubilee ots great that his local parish church is putting on events too, and particularly good that these will also inclyde games and explorations for children in ‘Lewis Reserve’ the nature reserve that was part of the grounds of Lewis’s Oxford Home The Kilns. I will be giving a talk at 7:30pm Celebrating Lewis’s Imaginative writing, during which I will also play some songs and read some sonnets that he has inspired

winnipegThe following week I am flying to Winnipeg to hang out with the amazing Steve Bell and maybe write some songs. We will do a concert together in Winnipeg on thursday 26th. Full details here.

This is followed by a retreat on poetry, prayer and imagination, on the 27th and 28th September at the St. Benedict’s retreat centre in Winnipeg. Here is their poster with all the details: Malcolm guite

Downtown-main-artThen from November 8-10th I will be at the CS Lewis Foundations Fall conference in Houston Texas where I will be leading a ‘writers track’ on both the spiritualities and the practicalities of creative writing, and also leading meditations and performing some of my songs and sonnets. I hoe this conference will also be the occasion for the American Launch of my new book of poems The Singing Bowl (US Amazon page here)

100_8915_westminsterThen I will be back in the UK getting ready for the big celebration of Lewis on 21-22nd November at Westminster Abbey and unveiling of his memorial in poets corner. I will be speaking at the conference on 21st. Full details here.

Finally I will be back in Cambridge for a day conference on the 23rd in Magdalene, his old college, where I shall give a paper on the contemporary relevance of Lewis’s book The Abolition of Man. Rowan Williams and Helen Cooper will also be speaking at the Cambridge conference. The web page for the conference is here

Please keep an eye on the website for information as it will be updated frequently in the coming weeks with details of registration, information about the speakers and their paper titles. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please feel free to contact lewisascritic@gmail.com


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8 responses to “Oxford, Winnipeg, Houston, Westminster!

  1. Very much looking forward to being part of the workshop in Winnipeg. Is there by the way an email address where I can contact you? I’ve been trying with the one on this site, and fear I am not getting through, so I am trying persistence as per Luke 18. A friend of mine whom you met at Regent mentioned you might be willing to have coffee (or beer) with me when you are here. In any case, will be good to meet you at the workshop.

  2. Christine McInnis

    I am registered for your workshop in Winnipeg and I am looking forward to it! Unfortunately I can’t attend the Friday evening due to a work conflict. Is there anything I can read or review to prepare for the Saturday session?

    • malcolmguite

      Thanks Christine. There’s no special reading to do but it would be helpful if you could bring along some poetry that has really moved you

  3. What a wonderful itinerary! The Year of C.S. Lewis to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. Elizabeth ewnimages@gmail.com

  4. malcolmguite

    various people have enquired about the Cambridge conference on the 23rd November which I mentioned at the end of this post. there is now a website up with details of speakers etc here:
    If you’d like to atted you can email enquiries here:

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