Seven Whole Days: The Complete Set

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

Unending blue wherein we long to fly

Unending blue wherein we long to fly

Barley Sheaves grow golden in the field

Barley Sheaves grow golden in the field

The lucid moon and sun

The lucid moon and sun






Last week I posted my new sequence of prayer-roundels, giving thanks for the days of creation, one day at a time. It may be that some people would like to read or use them as a single sequence, either for private devotion or as part of a service focussed on God’s goodness in creation, so I am putting them all together as one sequence in this post for those who would like to use them in this way. These poems will be gathered together with others in ‘Parable and Paradox’ my next book of poetry, to be published by Canterbury Press in the summer of 2016. If you would like to use these poems or print them in a church bulletin/order of service feel free to do so, but if they are printed please add that they are used with the author’s permission and that they will be available in a book from Canterbury Press in 2016. You might also include the web address of this blog. Thank you. You can hear me red the poems by clicking on the roman Numeral or the ‘play’ button

Seven Whole Days


Seven whole days, not one in seven,

I will praise thee   George Herbert



Let there be light as I begin this day

To draw me from the darkness and the night,

To bless my flesh, to clear and show my way

Let there be light


Strong in the depth and shining from the height,

Evening  and morning’s interplay,

Blessing and enabling my sight.


Lighten my soul and teach me how to pray,

Lighten my mind and teach me wrong from right,

In all I do and think and see and say

Let there be light.




The firmament, the vast curve of the sky

The breath and weave of every element

Unending blue, wherein we long to fly,

The firmament.


Your Love has pitched the heavens like a tent

And delved the depth where hidden treasures lie,

From whose rich womb our life has its ascent.


Out of those depths I hear my spirit cry

As height and depth give praise with one assent

To that great form that orders low and high;

The firmament.





The earth will yield her still-unfolding seed,

And barley sheaves grow golden in the field,

The vineyard and the fruit trees, all we need

The earth will yield.


A soft wind sends the summer through the weald,

In valley folds the sheep and cattle feed.

The shoreline shines, Your wonders are revealed,


The waters are unbound, the ocean freed

To thunder praise, in whose depths are concealed

Your mysteries. Your praise in word and deed

The earth will yield.




Lights in the night, the lucid moon and sun,

The lesser and the greater share your light

And lift my heart to you when day is done,

Lights in the night.


And lonely souls are gladdened by the sight,

For those who dwell in darkness hope is born.

The scattered stars still tingle with delight


Treading the dance, the seasons in their turn

Salute the lights of heaven in their flight.

In our dark hearts your praises shine and burn;

Lights in the night.




With open wings a seagull skims the spray,

Sounding the depth below, a great whale sings,

Your Spirit moves amongst them as they play

With open wings.


Now open me to all your Spirit brings,

Move in me too as I begin to pray,

That love may ripple out in shining rings.


Speak to my soul through all you made this day,

Through all that swims and flies and swoops and swings,

And let your Spirit lift the words I say

With open wings.





You made us new and beautiful today

Your Spirit softened us like morning dew,

Your Image shining from us through the clay,

You made us new.


You woke us and we knew ourselves in you

We walked together at the close of day

You trusted us and called us to be true.


When we forsook your love, and turned away

You came and sought us, where we hid from you

And on the cross, in darkness, on this day

You made us new.



Blessing and rest, delight in everything

Sustained by your strong love and richly blest

This is the the gift you give, the day you bring

Blessing and rest.


This is indeed ‘the gladness of the best’,

From first lines in the east where linnets sing,

To where the last light lingers in the west,


You lift the cares to which I used to cling,

As you yourself descend to be my guest

And show me how to find in everything

Blessing and rest.



a seagull skims the spray

a seagull skims the spray

you made us new and beautiful today

you made us new and beautiful today

Where Linnets Sing

Where Linnets Sing

Blessing and Rest, Delight in everything

Blessing and Rest, Delight in everything


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12 responses to “Seven Whole Days: The Complete Set

  1. Pam Southam

    Thank you Malcolm. I love these prayer roundels that you have written, and it is great to have them all together now.

  2. Very enjoyable; it is wonderful to see how much of God’s ways are foreshadowed in the account of the Creation. I like the roundings of the roundels.
    Grace be with you!

  3. Sheila Longman

    Thank you once again for your generosity in sharing your creative gift. I know I shall use these. All blessing to you, Sheila Longman

  4. lanciaesmith

    Malcolm, thank you for the beauty that sings in each one of these and for bringing each voice into harmony in the full set. What a grace and blessing these are. What a beautiful way to see and welcome new understanding of Creation! Thank you for your ever gracious generosity.

    • malcolmguite

      Thanks Lancia they are amongst the first poems I wrote in our new house so, although the new Temple of Peace isn’t built yet, they felt like a confirmation that the muse had managed to find my new address!

  5. Barbara

    Malcolm, my thanks run with all so far written, but an omission typo has crept in here[last word]: ‘You might also include the web address of this bog. ‘
    I’m sorry I could find no ‘contact me’ non-public way to advise this,

  6. Thank you for sharing this, I enjoy them.

  7. Thank you for sharing these, they are lovely.

  8. To put these all together is a wonderful reflection and, when I realised the Creation thread, it tied in so beautifully with my then Lenten Diary and Ordinary Times reflections. God is so perfect in His timing. He sings his song through your work. Thank you Malcolm and I look forward to next year’s book and to the Advent journey too!

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