Annunciation by Scott Cairns

Yesterday we considered a poem by John Donne, today we pair and compare it with a poem of the same title by Scott Cairns. I draw out some of the parallels and differences in the brief essay on this poem in my Advent Anthology from Canterbury Press Waiting on the Word, where you can also read the text of Scott’s poem. The image above  was created by Lancia Smith. you can see this and more on her  excellent Website Cultivating the True the Good and the Beautiful.. You can find you can find the words, and a short reflective essay on this poem in Waiting on the Word, which is now also available on Kindle

Annunciation by Scott Cairns



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3 responses to “Annunciation by Scott Cairns

  1. Have started on your book that I found in the Quaker bookshop at Woodbrooke. Well, it helps me with poetry and I have always loved the spiritual idea of advent. It’s a great book, day by day!

  2. Elaine Erb

    Dear Malcolm,
    There is so very much to thank you for. Thank you for helping me to see the beauty and depth in the longing and waiting of the Advent Season. I can only imagine how many people you must meet and touch within a year so I will identify myself. I am the person from your Regent College “Seasons of Renewal” class who wrote the two papers and who is so grateful for your generosity in your marking of them and for your encouraging comments. I had planned to write to you after the event that I am hosting in my home this very evening but after hearing you read again the Scott Cairns poem this morning I felt compelled to let you know now. This way, I have the hope that you may offer up a prayer for my gathering. Tonight I will be hosting my ‘house church’ family for an evening of advent wonder and waiting. I told them that when they arrive they will notice that my home looks quite sparse. That I will not have any Christmassy decorations up and that it will be an evening of candlelight, wine, contemplation and discussion. My son and I will be reading the Antiphons and of course your poems that were crafted in light of them. I am so looking forward to this evening. Last night I attended an Advent Poetry reading hosted by my local Anglican Church. Amongst other readings a local poet by the name Ken Gair shared 4 poems that he had crafted for the 4 Sundays in Advent. He gave me permission to share his as well. I was charmed as he, the artist, quickly scribbled down the revisions that he had spoke that I knew were different from the written page that had been handed to us. Hmm. It truly warms my heart to be in the company of you, oh so gifted, poets. Tonight I will share your gifts with my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Tonight we will experience the wonder of waiting for His coming. Malcolm, I will be forever grateful for the beauty and wonder you opened up my eyes to see and my ears to hear. Thank you and God bless you and your family during this beautiful Advent Season. A thought just ran through my mind. During Lent we don’t go about saying, “He has risen. He has risen indeed.” We wait and save that for Easter morn. Yet with Christmas we have a much harder time with the waiting. Maybe Christmas morn we should declare, “He has incarnated. He has incarnated indeed.” And maybe during the Advent season we should greet each other with the words, “He is coming. He is coming indeed!”

    • malcolmguite

      Thank you very much for this Elaine I do indeed pray that your gathering this evening will be fruitful. I love the idea of ‘He is coming. He is coming indeed’ as an Advent greeting. Every blessing Malcolm

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