Christmas and the Common Birth by Anne Ridler

The poem I have chosen for December 15th in my Advent Anthology from Canterbury Press Waiting on the Word, is Christmas and the Common Birth by Anne Ridler. You can hear me read this poem by clicking on the title or the play button. the image above, takes up the poems opening proclamation, was created by Lancia Smith. you can see this and more on her  excellent Website Cultivating the True the Good and the Beautiful.. You can find you can find the words, and a short reflective essay on this poem in Waiting on the Word, which is now also available on Kindle

Christmas and the Common Birth


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4 responses to “Christmas and the Common Birth by Anne Ridler

  1. Am really enjoying the poems in your advent book. As we’re not on constant wifi I just pick the book up last thing at night and read the poem of the day but jumped ahead to your sonnets for the antiphons. I am really impressed and love the spiritual and poetic experience of reading them.

  2. I am so enthralled by your choices, they seem to get better and better every day. But even I know that is not true. I am saving these emails so that I can go back and back again.

    I will miss you so much when this ends.

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