My New Book Has Arrived! Come to the launch!

Parable and Paradog?

Parable and Paradog? Parable and Paddy?

Just a note to say that my new Poetry book Parable and Paradox has arrived in the world at last, so it will now be readily available form Amazon or on order from any good book shop (like the excellent one at Sarum College) or direct from Canterbury Press.

If you are in Cambridge on June 14th and would like to come to the official Launch in the Fellows Drawing Room at Girton College at 5:15pm I would be delighted to see you. If you are coming could you drop an email to so I can make sure there’s enough wine!

Do Come if you can!

Do Come if you can!


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10 responses to “My New Book Has Arrived! Come to the launch!

  1. Tony Morris

    Fantastic!!! An awesome moment … and lovely of you to open it up, Malcolm. Bravo!! My dear friend Chrissie (Merton Street) would love to come I know, in my absence. I’m copying her in. CONGRATULATIONS!!! T ______________

    Tony Morris 07985 935320 ______________

  2. Malcolm, I wish I could be there for this wonderful occasion, but I cannot. May I suggest for all of us here “across the Pond” that we have a DELAYED celebration for you at Oxbridge next year. I will pass this thought on to Stan.
    In the meantime, I will get my own copy and relish every word. Donald sends his Best Wishes to his Poetry Prof, as well.

  3. Father Davies

    Dear Malcolm, You probably do not remember me from Ridley 1986-1988….. just a note to say how very greatly I appreciate your work, I regularly use your insights for personal devotion and preaching- I give you a ‘shout out’ in sermons and addresses! Congratulations on the newly published work- to you AND your terrific animal companion (that’s California pc speak for our canine family members!) I will be preaching in Chicago on the 14th at an Induction of a new Rector, so I cannot be with you at Girton. I send gratitude and best wishes from Hollyweird!

    Canon Ian Elliott Davies, St Thomas the Apostle, Hollywood

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    • malcolmguite

      Dear Ian thanks for this. So glad you like the poetry and thanks for the shout out. I’ll be in LA on 8th and 9th August doing some stuff with the composer/orchestrator JAC Redford. Be great to meet up if you’re around M

  4. Art

    We are in western pa!art

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  5. Dear Malcolm,

    You don’t know me but I wanted to offer sincerest congratulations on the new book – I very much look forward to getting my hands on a copy, as I have so much enjoyed and found inspirational your previous works. Like the Revd Canon from Hollywood above, I too have greatly appreciated the language of the spirit in which you write and regularly use this as a devotional and teaching aid – with all proper acknowledgment! – in my ministry here in North London. Thank you so much for all that you do and share.
    With every blessing and thanks for your ongoing ministry,
    Tim Seago, Priest-in-Charge, St. Andrew’s Totteridge

    • malcolmguite

      Thanks Tim it’s really good to know that these poems are finding some life and traction in local congregations that’s what they’re written for!

  6. NathanAEmery

    Best wishes on your poetic work Malcolm, keep writing!

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