A Referendum Addendum!

Thought I’d offer this little reflection on the day we vote. We will need to do lots of bridge-building and reconciling the day after – whatever the result.

You can hear it by clicking on the title or the ‘play’ button. feel free to share

A Referendum Addendum:

After this long referendum
Might I add a brief addendum?
(had these thoughts and thought I’d send’em)
Have you ears to hear? then lend’em:
Are there broken friendships? mend’em!
In/out spats? it’s time to end’em!
Our rights to disagree; defend’em!
All your party garments: rend’em!
Any vows you take, intend’em
to Christ, who gave his gains to spend’em
for our sins, that he might end’em
and elect us to his kingdom
his Mysterium Tremendum

all by grace, not referendum!


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20 responses to “A Referendum Addendum!

  1. Rosemarie Monks


  2. Helena

    That’s just what I needed to hear today … thank you! 🙂

  3. Paul Carline

    May your political, party, petty pains – and this poem – help other peoples along the pathway of peace. How do we protect ourselves from the shrinking and spreading world is the sad question of many nations.

  4. Carole Lewis

    Very timely. Thank you.

  5. Rosemary Wycherley

    Love it. I do hope David and Boris have read this.

  6. Deborah Smyth

    So clever… A mid-night chuckle provider on the eve of a tricky day for the UK and the world… Praying and thinking of you all…

  7. Jim Hinshaw

    Concise, timely, fits our fits over assault wpns too.

  8. Mark Brown

    My prayers are with you all in the UK today as you vote. From someone on the other side of the “pond,” know that I am taking your words for heart for our desperately divided nation!

  9. Thanks for these words, that you you have penned’em
    To toss our thoughts about and to upend’em
    We friends across the sea can too commend’em
    And pray “God speed” with sovereign momentum

  10. You are amazing, this is amazing…thanks for sharing

  11. At the end of the day, there’s only one Kingdom that really matters. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Godfrey Rock

    On Thurs, 23 June 2016, GODFREY ROCK ( godfrey.rock@physics.org ) wrote:

    What can one say at 22:15 when the polls have just closed on EU referendum day, except perhaps “nunc est bibendum!”

    Iechyd da!


  13. Jill Houlden


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