Because We Hunkered Down

These bleak and freezing seasons

These bleak and freezing seasons

Here is a poem for those of you who, like me, find this time of year difficult to get through, perhaps all the more so with the news, as well as the weather, so bleak. So here, from Parable and Paradox, is something about hunkering down and hanging on.

As always you can hear me read the poem by clicking n the title or the play button

Because We Hunkered Down

These bleak and freezing seasons may mean grace

When they are memory. In time to come

When we speak truth, then they will have their place,

Telling the story of our journey home,

Through dark December and stark January

With all its disappointments, through the murk

And dreariness of frozen February,

When even breathing seemed unwelcome work.


Because through all of these we held together,

Because we shunned the impulse to let go,

Because we hunkered down through our dark weather,

And trusted to the soil beneath the snow,

Slowly, slowly, turning a cold key,

Spring will unlock our hearts and set us free.


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21 responses to “Because We Hunkered Down

  1. Thank you so much. This brought tears to my eyes. The winter is very difficult for me, yet I’m trying to find bits of grace that shine through. ❤ Amy

  2. Maggie

    Absolutely loved this, thank you from someone who creeps through these dark months sometime losing faith that life is still stirring under the cold ground. Maggie

  3. You really spoke to my heart with this one, Malcolm. Thank you for sheding a little light in the darkness.

  4. flick

    Such wonderful words – they reached into the depths of my being. I am one of those who would like to hibernate from 31/10-31/3!

  5. So very true and needed.. Brother Malcolm!
    We are ‘hunkered down’ with a stash of good books, soup, homemade biscuits….now for some 12yr Tomatin/neat🥃… and the next chapter of reading.😌

  6. Not long to wait, Spring is on it’s way and the bulbs are pushing through.🌄🌷😊

  7. Agnes Groves

    This poem really resonated with me today. You will know about the difficult time of the past few months.

  8. Roberta

    Amen! I am definitely a spring person! Oh the promise of new and renewed life!

  9. Amy

    Your words connected with me not only where I am today, but also drew my mind back to three years ago when I was undergoing cancer treatment through these dark months–hoping for new growth of healthy cells, of hair, of hope for a future beyond cancer. Thank you. And, by the grace of God, I have endured to see all three come to fruition!

  10. BL Saldana

    Hope awaits! Joy comes in the morning, whether it snows, rains or the sun shines!

  11. luaphacim

    Thanks for these words, Malcolm. I can always use the reminder that this Shadow is a small and passing thing, as Tolkien wrote.

  12. I just want to tell you that this poem has become a dear favorite of mine, and I quote it over and over to myself in dark times. I have started quoting it to friends and they always ask for a copy of the words. I love the patient hope of the poem, the way it sits with the darkness and gives courage to wait for the new growth of spring. Parts of this have become a watchword between one of my close friends and me.
    Thank you.

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