Thank God for ‘Doubting’ Thomas!

July the 3rd is the Feast of St. Thomas the apostle. Sometimes known as ‘doubting’ Thomas, but maybe honest Thomas, courageous Thomas, even Tenacious Thomas would be nearer the mark!
I thank God for St. Thomas, the one disciple who had the courage to say what everyone else was thinking but didnt dare say, the courage to ask the awkward questions that drew from Jesus some of the most beautiful and profoundly comforting of all his sayings. “We dont know where you’re going, how can we know the way”? asked Thomas, and because he had the courage to confess his ignorance, we were given that beautiful saying “I am the way the Truth and the Life” Here is the poem I have written for St. Thomas, and also a sermon called ‘Touching the Wounds’ which I preached  at St. Edwards.

This sonnet is drawn from my collection Sounding the Seasons, published by Canterbury Press here in England. The book is now back in stock on both Amazon UK and USA . The book is now also out on Kindle. Please feel free to make use of these sonnets in church services and to copy and share them. If you can mention the book from which they are taken that would be great.

I am greateful to Margot Krebs Neale for the thought-provoking image above, you can hear the poem by clicking on the ‘play’ button below or on the title of the poem and you can hear the sermon on my podcast site by clicking here: Touching The Wounds

St. Thomas the Apostle


“We do not know… how can we know the way?”

Courageous master of the awkward question,

You spoke the words the others dared not say

And cut through their evasion and abstraction.

Oh doubting Thomas, father of my faith,

You put your finger on the nub of things

We cannot love some disembodied wraith,

But flesh and blood must be our king of kings.

Your teaching is to touch, embrace, anoint,

Feel after Him and find Him in the flesh.

Because He loved your awkward counter-point

The Word has heard and granted you your wish.

Oh place my hands with yours, help me divine

The wounded God whose wounds are healing mine.


oh place my hands with yours, help me divine
the wounded God whose wounds are healing mine


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13 responses to “Thank God for ‘Doubting’ Thomas!

  1. Malcolm, thank you for this sonnet and for posting your homily. The fact that Christ is a wounded saviour is a real source of meaning and comfort for those who live with wounds, whether they be physical, emotional or psychiatric traumas or disabilities.

  2. Anne-Marie

    I love this poem. What I have found difficult in myself …doubt … Is being embraced here.

  3. Reblogged this on Pastor Michael Moore's Blog and commented:
    Amen, Malcolm, Amen ❤️❤️

  4. bgulland72

    lovely last lines. And a great point that words of doubt & question can draw forth such beautiful truth as the way truth life saying…

  5. Craig E Anderson

    I love this poem, Malcolm. One of your best. It not only has a nice feel to it, but addresses our struggle and human longing. Craig E Anderson. USA

  6. Father of my faith. That line had me at attention, forgiving myself and allowing the love of God to shower over me. Thank you Lord, for your servant Malcolm.

  7. David C Brown

    There is hope for us all with all our doubts.

    But – the Scriptures never say that Thomas did touch the wounds.

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