Mary Magdalene: A Sonnet

The 22nd of July is Mary Magdalene’s day, and continuing my sequence of sonnets written in response to the church year I post this for her. As usual you can hear the poem by clicking on its title or on the ‘play’ button.

This sonnet is drawn from my collection Sounding the Seasons, published by Canterbury Press here in England. The book is now back in stock on both Amazon UK and USA . The book is now also out on Kindle. Please feel free to make use of these sonnets in church services and to copy and share them. If you can mention the book from which they are taken that would be great.

Mary Magdalene

Men called you light so as to load you down,
And burden you with their own weight of sin,
A woman forced to  cover and contain
Those seven devils sent by Everyman.
But one man set you free and took your part
One man knew and loved you to the core
The broken alabaster of your heart
Revealed to Him alone a hidden door,
Into a garden where the fountain sealed,
Could flow at last for him in healing tears,
Till, in another garden, he revealed
The perfect Love that cast out all your fears,
And quickened you  with love’s own sway and swing,
As light and lovely as the news you bring.


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17 responses to “Mary Magdalene: A Sonnet

  1. Sonia Falaschi-Ray

    This just made me cry!

    Sonia Falaschi-Ray


  2. Cynthia

    A really beautiful Sonnet, very moving, genuine expressions of pure love to be shared .

  3. Stuart Brown

    Yes, it made my eyes fill too. The beauty of forgiveness which is also healing. God knows we are poor weak creatures and prone to temptation.

  4. Reblogged this on Pastor Michael Moore's Blog and commented:
    Beautiful offering for Mary Magdalene, Malcolm ❤️❤️

  5. I think that this is one of your best. Every line is rich in imagery and content. Thank you.

  6. Kath Sparo

    Love this. Thank you for your gift of writing, and for sharing both the writing and the reading of it. I am house sitting a cabin and exquisite garden beside a lake at the moment. (Western Canada)
    Poetry – both the reading and writing of it – is the only language that makes sense here. Grateful, so grateful.
    Be well,

  7. Mary Cluderay

    I think your Sonnet is excellent. Thank you. I like each line but the two I want to emphasise are where you link the two gardens . I thought as I wrote those comments that there is also the link with Eden too.

    • malcolmguite

      Thanks yes I think there is a strong link between the garden of Eden and the garden of resurrection Creation and New Creation

  8. Connie

    Quite insightful and moving! Thank you.

  9. janet dacombe

    Thank you Malcom x

  10. gioiello da rubare:

    Gli uomini ti hanno detta meretrice
    per caricarti e caricarti del loro stesso di peccato,
    donna costretta a coprire e contenere
    quei sette diavoli inviati da OgniUomo.
    Ma un uomo ti ha liberata e ha preso le tue parti.
    Un uomo ti ha conosciuta e amata fino in fondo
    L’alabastro spezzato del tuo cuore ha
    rivelato a Lui la sola porta nascosta,
    in un giardino dove la fontana era sigillata,
    poteva finalmente fluire per lui in salutari lacrime,
    finché, in un altro giardino, ha rivelato
    l’amore perfetto che scaccia tutte le paure,
    e ti cambiò con l’influenza vibrante dell’amore,
    bello come luce e buona novella.

    saluti dall’Italia

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