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Some more visits to my study

George and Zara in the study

As we are still on the cusp of Holy Week, and just before I start the sequence of poetry posts, beginning tomorrow, for each day of that sacred time, I thought I might offer a few more of my new series on Youtube, ‘A Spell in the Library’. This is in one sense a separate endeavour from this blog, which will remain more for the written and spoken word. But if you subscribe to and enjoy this blog, you might also like to subscribe (for free) to my new youtube channel. You can visit that channel Here.

So here are a couple more samples of what’s on offer there: one is a glimpse of a lovely old Copy of the Book of Common Prayer, with beautiful edge painting, which belonged to my father-in-law Michael Hutchison, and the other is a reading, about my own study, from my book ‘In Every Corner Sing‘, which takes its point of departure from a charming essay by Leigh Hunt. I hope that in this period of lockdown, these virtual visits might be a cheerful diversion.

Here’s the one on edge painting:

And here’s the one on the love of books:


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