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A couple of reflections on CS Lewis and WB Yeats









As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have begun a new series over on youtube called ‘ A Spell in the Library’ in which I invite you into my study and we enjoy taking books of the shelves and reading favourite passages aloud. I thought I’d post a couple more of these here, especially as these two are related and form a kind of sequence. In the first I talk about the lovely portrait of the young Lewis give to me by the artist Ross Wilson, and go on to share Lewis’s own account of how he met Yeats, and in the second I read and reflect on Yeats’s poem ‘The Song of the Wondering Angus’ which Lewis knew and loved. If you enjoy these at all I’d be glad if you could pop over to my youtube channel by clicking Here, and then click the ‘subscribe’ button, as that would give me an indication that this new offering is worth continuing.

So here are the two little films, first ‘ Jack of Hearts:

And then Yeats’s Song of the Wandering Aengus


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