Join us at Girton for Evensong!

Girton Choir and Brass in the chapel

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

I hope you are all managing ok through this lockdown, and indeed that the pages of this blog are helping you in one way or another. One consequence of isolation is that my students and I cannot meet together for worship in our college chapel this term, nor can our fabulous choir gather to sing there. Therefore, like many Christian communities, we are finding other ways to worship and to celebrate our traditions. So for each Sunday I am curating a page from which anyone can pray and enjoy Choral Evensong, our usual evening service. There will be responses, canticles, and an anthem sung by our choir, drawn from their various excellent recordings, lovely images of the college and chapel, and each week, a new reflection from me on our termly theme, which is The Lord’s Prayer. Each reflection will conclude with a sonnet.

Now since this blog is the one piece of web technology I actually understand, and can operate from home without assistance, it seemed best that this Sunday page should appear as a blog post here, with a link sent to everyone in the college. Happily this means that I can now invite all the readers and subscribers of this blog, to join us, if they wish, for our Sunday Worship. This can be done at your own time and pace, the page should appear first thing on Sunday morning BST. I hope you all enjoy it!

As ever




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18 responses to “Join us at Girton for Evensong!

  1. Tina Nay

    Thank you for this opportunity to join you and thanks for all your poetry.


  2. looking forward to this Malcolm! from Calgary

  3. I look forward to it. Thank you.

  4. Sally Brodhurst

    Thank you so much Malcolm. Your blogs, and your new ideas, not to mention new sonnets, are a wonderful source of spiritual nourishment.


  5. bscotford755btinternetcom

    Wonderful news! Thank you; I look forward very much to sung evensong – I miss our own evensong – I shall sing along with the choir!

  6. Katharine Venour

    Thank you so much, Malcolm! This is great!

  7. Definitely looking forward to it! Thanks Malcolm!

  8. Yannick Auckland

    What a lovely and most welcome invitation!

  9. Evangeline Magee DeMaster

    Am looking forward to these!

  10. Looking forward to it. Thank you Rev. Guite.

  11. Great news. I am looking forward to it. While at the age of 72, I remain a life-long baptist, I have great admiration for Anglican worship and tradition. (Before, the present stay-at-home situation, I attended a weekly early morning Episcopal Communion service. My love for this tradition goes back to my seminary days where my doctoral dissertation was on William Inge, Evelyn Underhill, and Baron von Hugel. Peace & stay safe. R. LaMon Brown

  12. Jane Robertson

    Thank you Malcolm. I love your blogs. Love your poetry too! I “discovered” your work on ordination retreat – (I am what I once heard described as a “late” vocation!!!! In other words I have grey hair and a grandchild!) Michael Sadgrove quoted you. Have some books. Poetry has always been important to me – It is a means of revelation. A phrase, a choice of words and something happens. Poetry is sacrament. Thank you.

    Sent from my iPhone


  13. Angela L

    So grateful for your generosity of your gifts. I am grateful I discovered your work several years ago. Please know you are uplifting, uniting, and offering a reminder of hope in God to so many during this time of global sheltering-in-place. Sending this from Florida, USA.

  14. This is so great! Will look forward to this with enthusiasm. Thank you!

  15. Nuala Cotter

    God bless you, Malcolm, and the folk of the choir! Be safe and well.

    Sr. Nuala

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