I Will Remember: A Response To Psalm 77

Psalm 77 is supremely a psalm of memory: the psalmist in their present distress remembers the great deeds of God in the past as well as their own times of personal deliverance and is able to take comfort and hope for the future. I find verses 5 and 6 especially moving:

I have considered the days of old: and the years that are past.

I call to remembrance my song: and in the night I commune with mine own heart, and search out my spirits.

So, as you will see in my response, this psalm has been a prompt to me to look back on my life and trace the way God has held me through dark times and never let me go.

These poems will all be gathered together and published on January 30th under the title David’s Crown.  There is already an Amazon page for the book if you wish to pre-order it Here

As always you can hear me read the poem by clicking on the play button or the title.

LXVII Voce mea ad Dominum

As heaven’s mercy falls like gentle rain.

I lift my face and let it wash me clean.

In all my times of trouble, darkness, pain,


I cry to him. I come to him and lean

Again into the comfort of his grace

And I remember all that he has been


To me in all my years of life. I trace

Once more the story of his love:

He sought me even when I turned my face


Away from him, descended from above

And found me in my hiding place. His might

Broke up my clouds of darkness, and he strove


Against the waves of chaos, in the night

Of my affliction, when he recued me

And led me out of darkness into light.


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5 responses to “I Will Remember: A Response To Psalm 77

  1. Catherine Swain

    Hi Malcolm I really appreciate your daily reflections but it would be much easier for me if I listen to them. I’m wondering whether this is already possible or whether it could be made possible? Thank you for your help Catherine S

    Sent from my iPhone

    • malcolmguite

      Yes they are recorded. All you have to do is press the play button if it appears or if not click on the Latin title of the psalm poem and it will take you to a page that plays the recording

  2. Bill Barrow

    This is beautiful, Father Malcolm. So glad you are doing this here on WordPress. I have signed up for email notice of these new posts. Do your write poetry outside of the sonnets form? Only wondering…😇
    I just finished watching your youtube interview about how you became a poet… and the tour of your writing “gazebo” 😉 out back…the Temple of Peace..😇 Your poem that you read at the end which is soon to be published was astounding. Quite different from your other sonnets, I felt….Leaves…ahhh..😇

    I too am an Anglican Priest and Vicar of a very small Parrish on the Coast of NC, a writer, and a crawling blind poet in North Carolina😏. I was made aware of you through a younger writer who I have mentored for some years…Justin Wiggins…and I am so glad and grateful that I found you..😇

    You are of course a great man of letters, and a scholar well beyond my reach, but your life and work somehow resonates with me personally…perhaps it is just your passion for great literay art…🥰

    I hope and pray that one day we might correspond. I understand that even the great C.S. Lewis had a discipline of responding to almost every person that wrote to him. Amazing…
    I hope to travel to England in the near future when this dreadful plague has calmed down. Perhaps I could have the great honor of meeting you one day before we pass beyond…😇 If not, perhaps we will share a pipe and mess in the elesium fields encircling the Throne!…😉😇🙏😇

    Take care Reverend Guite, and thank you again for your commitment to sharing with us God’s remarkable gifts given to you, and your love of great literature.


    -Bill Barrow

    • malcolmguite

      Dear Bill
      Thanks you for these encouraging words. I’m glad you have found and are enjoying my poems. This has appeared as a comment on my blog rather than the email you may have intended, so I have edited out your contact details!

  3. Lúcia.M

    I think this is a really great reminder for us to be grateful to God. Sometimes when things go wrong, we forget about the works God did for us in the past and we lament so much. If we could just focus on God’s goodness, we could get through the storms.

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