Three lovely settings of my Easter poems

To my amazement I received, on Easter Monday, three separate links to beautiful performances of new musical settings of three poems of mine, all with an Easter theme, and I thought I would share them with you here. The first was a setting, by composer Zebulon Highben, of my sonnet Easter Dawn, performed beautifully by the choir of the chapel at Duke University as part of their Easter Sunday service.

Here it is:

The other two were performances by Girton choir of settings of a series of quatrains I wrote on the mysteries of Christ, one on Easter and another on the Ascension. Here are the words for my Easter Quatrain:


A stone flung in a pool makes waves of light

Until, like every life, it sinks alone.

They plunged Him too, into the pool of night,

Today His waves of light fling back the stone.

The setting is by the composer Cevanne Horrocks Hopayian, here it is:

And finally here is the Ascension piece:


Let there be light.  The light leaps up

That was in deepest darkness drowned.

There is no realm or kingdom now

In which the lost cannot be found.

The setting is by the composer Libby Croad, here it is, (I hope) the link is to facebook rather than youtube so you may have to follow through and find it there:

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9 responses to “Three lovely settings of my Easter poems

  1. With thanks. Cold you kindly include the link to the Duke Uni service: it dropped off my copy.




  2. Mary Charlton

    Dear Malcolm,

    This is very kind but could you possibly send the missing links, please?

    Thank you and Happy Easter,


    Sent from my iPhone


    • malcolmguite

      All three links are on there when I view it on both my phone and my computer so I don’t know why you can’t find them. I’ve double checked them and they all work!

  3. Glad to see the links are on your wordpress page. They did not appear in the email. I am looking forward to following them!

  4. Patricia Thompson

    Beautiful Ascension, but where are the other two, please?

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