A Sonnet for Trinity Sunday


Returning for a moment to my cycle of sonnets for the Church Year, here is one for Trinity Sunday which I am posting the day before, in case people would like to make use of it tomorrow.

By coming to us as the Son, revealing to us the Father, and sending to us the Spirit, Jesus revealed the deepest mystery; that God is not distant and alone, but is three in one, a communion of love who comes to make His home with us.

The Rublev Icon, above, shows the Three in One inviting us to share in that communion. If, as I believe, we are made in the image of God, as beings in communion with one another in the name of that Holy and Undivided Trnity whose being is communion, then we will find reflections and traces of the Trinitarian mystery in all our loving and making.

As usual you can hear the poem by clicking on the ‘play’ button if it appears or on the title of the poem.

Readers who are interested in my use of the word ‘coinherent’ will find out more by watching the video of my talk about the British theologian Charles Williams, a friend and fellow inkling of CS Lewis which can be found here.

This sonnet is drawn from my collection Sounding the Seasons, published by Canterbury Press here in England. The book is now back in stock on both Amazon UK and USA . It is now also out on Kindle. Please feel free to make use of this, and my other sonnets in church services and to copy and share them. If you can mention the book from which they are taken that would be great..

Trinity Sunday

In the Beginning, not in time or space,

But in the quick before both space and time,

In Life, in Love, in co-inherent Grace,

In three in one and one in three, in rhyme,

In music, in the whole creation story,

In His own image, His imagination,

The Triune Poet makes us for His glory,

And makes us each the other’s inspiration.

He calls us out of darkness, chaos, chance,

To improvise a music of our own,

To sing the chord that calls us to the dance,

Three notes resounding from a single tone,

To sing the End in whom we all begin;

Our God beyond, beside us and within.

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3 responses to “A Sonnet for Trinity Sunday

  1. Anne Dyck

    Thank you! Beautiful and profound words, life giving…💞

  2. Mary Lysecki

    Thought you might enjoy this story about the Trinity by Robert Farrar Capon. I found it in a sermon by Anna Madsen.
    Capon says, “Let me tell you about why God made the world.
    One afternoon before anything was made, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost sat around in the unity of their Godhead discussing one of the Father’s fixations. From all eternity he had this thing about being. He would keep thinking up all kinds of unnecessary things, new ways of being and new kinds of beings to be. And as they talked, God the Son said, “Why don’t I go out and mix us up a batch?” And God the Holy Ghost said, “Terrific! I’ll help.” And so they all pitched in. And after supper that night the Son and the Holy Spirit put on this tremendous show of being for the Father. It was full of water and light and frogs. Pine cones kept dropping all over the place. And crazy fish swam around in the wine glasses. There were mushrooms and grapes and horseradishes and tigers and women and men everywhere to taste them, to juggle them, to join them, and to love them. And the Father looked at the whole wild party and he said, “Wonderful, Just what I had in mind. Tobh, tobh, tobh!” which is the Hebrew word for Good. And all God the Son and God the Holy Spirit could think of to say was the same thing, “Tobh, tobh tobh.” And they laughed for ages and ages saying things like how great it was for things to be and how clever of the Father to have thought of the idea and how kind of the Son to go to all that trouble putting it together and how considerate of the Spirit to spend so much time directing and choreographing. And forever and ever they told old jokes. And the Father and the Son drank their wine (in unitasi spiritu sancti) in unity with the Holy Spirit and they all threw ripe olives and pickled mushrooms at each other forever and ever amen.

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