Photo courtesy of Lancia Smith

Photo courtesy of Lancia Smith

This page contains links to a number of interviews about my life, faith, and poetry which readers may find of interest. The first group of interviews on this page are those conducted by Lancia Smith, a gifted photographer and perceptive interviewer whose own website Cultivating The True, The Good And The Beautiful, I strongly commend

From Lancia’s site:

2012 interview part 1

2012 interview part 2

2012 interview part 3

2015 interview about The Singing Bowl

2015 interview about my Advent Anthology Waiting on the Word

2016 Interview about my new book Parable and Paradox


There is also a substantial interview on the popular philosophy for life website:

Malcolm Guite On Poetry As A Door Into The Dark

And here is an interview from Duke University’s Faith and Leadership Blog

Church with Poetry Enshrined At Its Heart

There is also a well researched wikipedia article drawing on these interviews and other sources here:

Malcolm Guite Wiki