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A New Painting and an Interview

I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by all sorts of creative people here but a couple of my friends have each in their own way, come up with a some surprises for me that I’d like to share here, not least because the insights and skills of these two friends ended up giving me some new insights into who I am and what I’m meant to be doing.

The first of these surprises was unveiled in the course of my Birthday gig at the Blue Ball. Henri Schmitt is a painter and musician whom I first met at a talk I was giving on Bob Dylan. He sings and plays guitar, mandolin and bozouki, and has occasionally played at my gigs. I knew he also painted but I had no idea how well or powerfully until last Thursday night when he unveiled a beautiful painting inspired by my song The Green Man and just gave it to me. I was  amazed both by the generosity and by the power of he painting itself. you will be too, here it is:

malcolm as green man

The Green Man

The second surprise ‘unveiling’, was the publication on her Rawgarden Blog of an interview by my friend Karen Wells, whose lovely felts and friendship had inspired my song Lente Lente. She does an occasional series called “from where I’m sitting; tales from a garden bench”. She chose her questions so well that I ended up saying more than I knew I knew about my vocation as a poet. Reading the interview on her blog turned out to be another revelation, rather like Henri’s painting, of who I am and who I am meant to be. Karen illustrated the interview with a picture she took in my garden, she is a real garden spirit and I always feel relaxed and rooted when she is around, maybe that’s why both the photo and the interview have brought out things I hardly knew were there.

I am still  sifting through, and learning from the rich experiences and new friends I made in Texas, but watch this space, I will be reflecting a little more on that soon.

Malcolm brings 'tales from a garden bench'


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