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Stop Press! My Second volume of Poetry The Singing Bowl will be published on October 25th by Canterbury Press. The Book Launch is on November 6th  7:30pm at St. Edward’s Church. All Welcome.

singing bowl

Malcolm Guite is a poet and singer-songwriter living in Cambridge. He is a priest, chaplain, teacher and author. His books include:

What Do Christians Believe?  Granta 2006

Faith Hope and Poetry  Ashgate  2010 and 2012.

Sounding the Seasons Canterbury Press 2012

The Singing Bowl Canterbury Press 2013

Some comments on Sounding the Seasons:

Malcolm Guite knows exactly how to use the sonnet form to powerful effect.  These pieces have the economy and pungency of all good sonnets, and again and again,offer deep resources for prayer and meditation to the reader.  In his own words, ‘brevity, clarity, concentration and a capacity for paradox’ are typical of the best sonnet sequences, and all those qualities are to be found here. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury

Malcolm Guite’s poetic sequence is fresh and wholly contemporary, yet richly rooted in tradition. Using the sonnet form with absolute naturalness as he traces the year and its festivals, he offers the reader – whether Christian or not – profound and beautiful utterance which is patterned but also refreshingly spontaneous. Sounding the Seasons is an important poetic event, and one that invites readers to share both celebration and soul-searching.

Grevel Lindop, poet and literary critic

What the critics say about Faith Hope and Poetry:

“A profound theology of the imagination, developed in dialogue with writers both familiar and unfamiliar, beautifully combining close reading with wide horizons” Rt Revd Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury

“Malcolm Guite has offered us an immensely rich work…in which the truth telling available only in poetry is brought to the service of mature theological vision. It is quite simply both astounding and outstanding” Rt Revd Stephen Sykes Former Regius Professor of Divinity at Cambridge University

“Guite, not only an Anglican priest but a poet and scholar of the highest order, invites us to this fresh feast, a summons that will widen our own worlds immeasurably” Luci Shaw Author of Harvesting Fog -New Poems, Breath for the Bones; Imagination Art and Spirit

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He also plays in Cambridge rock band Mystery Train, and lectures widely in England and USA on poetry and theology. For an uptodate list of readings, talks and performances see The Events Page

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