7 sonnets on the Lord’s Prayer: 2 Hallowed be thy Name

And summons us to stand on holy ground

And summons us to stand on holy ground

This is the  second in the sequence of seven sonnets on the Lord’s Prayer which I am posting this week as part of the church Of England’s Thy Kingdom Come week of prayer leading up to Pentecost. The Sonnets will be published together in my new book Parable and Paradox at the end of this month.

As always you can hear me read the sonnet by clicking on the title or the ‘play’ button.

I am grateful to Philippa Pearson for choosing the images that accompany this series, and to Margot Krebs Neale for the image which follows the poem

Hallowed be Thy Name


There’s something in the sound of the word hallow;

A haunting sense of everything we’ve lost

Amidst the trite, the trivial, the shallow,

Where nothing lingers, nothing seems to last.

But Hallowed, summons up our fear and wonder,

And summons us to stand on holy ground.

To sense the mystery that stands just under

Familiar things we’ll never understand.


Hallowed be thy name: the name unspoken,

The name from which all other names arise,

The name that heals the sick and binds the broken,

Whose living glory calls the dead to rise.

You make this prayer my rising and my rest

That I might bless the name by which I’m blessed.

Holy Ground

Holy Ground



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9 responses to “7 sonnets on the Lord’s Prayer: 2 Hallowed be thy Name

  1. I love this one too, the word hallow summoning up all we’ve lost amidst the trite and shallow.

  2. Tessa

    Perfect. Thank you.

  3. May the blessings of Father, Son and Holy Spirit continue to enrich many through your prayer and meditations smithed into such light filled poetry.

  4. Donna Van Dries

    Malcolm, I have so much enjoyed your poetry and sonnets. God has given you such a great gift to take simple words to tell of His love for us. I met you in Oxford at the Inklings Fellowship. My husband and I came with my brother Randall Bush. I believe we were having high tea at Reagent’s Park when you pulled out your Martin and had all the Texans stand up so you could serenade us with your song about Texas. Where could I find the words and music to that tune? I just bought a new Martin for myself 🙂 and would like to learn to play your song if that would be alright with you.

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