Waiting on the Word: Advent Poetry

Waiting on the Word

Waiting on the Word

As we approach the first Sunday of Advent, I thought I would repost this link to my Advent anthology Waiting on the Word. This Anthology offers the reader a poem a day throughout Advent and on through Christmas and Epiphany. I also offer a little reflective essay to go with each poem, which I hope will help the reader to get into the depths of the poem more easily and will draw out some of the Advent Themes and the way the poems link to each other. The book works entirely as a stand-alone thing and could be used privately or in groups, but I have also be recorded each poem and will post a recording of my reading of that day’s poem for each day of Advent on this blog, so that readers of the book who wish to, can also hear the poem being read. Readers of this blog can of course also enjoy hearing the poems, and might like to get hold of the book (which is also on Kindle) so that they can follow along the text and read the interpretive essay.

I will also repost the daily recordings each accompanied by an original painting from the talented Linda Richardson, who created a book of images to reflect on each poem whilst she was using the book devotionally, and has kindly agreed to share those pictures with us. Do join us on the journey via the pages of the book and the pages of this blog.



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5 responses to “Waiting on the Word: Advent Poetry

  1. lynndmorrissey

    This, after many years of reading and searching for the perfect Advent book, is it! I am anticipating my 3rd reading starting Sunday. My copy is so highlighted and scribbled over with my own words of recognition and appreciation, I just may have to get another copy! I have given this book as an early Christmas gift, and I recently recommended it to an online journaling group of women I teach. Mr. Guite, I know your readers are in for a wonderful treat. You’ve collected here an excellent volume spanning poetry from many ages, and your insight into them is amazing. I love too how in this book and your Lenten reader, you sometimes highlight how poets allude to other poetry in their own work. I also appreciate that there are many points of personal application not just in the poetry but in your commentary.

    May I wish you a blessed Advent (and of course, from this American, a Happy Thanksgiving . . . I remain thankful for discovering your poetic pen).
    Lynn Morrissey

  2. What a loving and generous gift of the Season! Thank you.

  3. contemprisma

    I have recommended this book to the two book clubs I am in and have passed on this post to everyone. Hopefully, everyone will get more enjoyment when they listen to the poems read by Malcolm Guite! This will be the best Advent ever!

  4. Malcolm, returning to WoW for the third time, I am confident I’ll find yet again a rich morsel to chew on for the season. Reading these poems and your thoughts with them is like being handed a telescope to see the world, “Oh, look at this!”
    Thank you.

  5. Rebecca Tankersley

    Yay! Can’t wait.

    Rebecca Tankersley
    Diocese of Dallas

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