CS Lewis: A Sonnet

Scribe of the Kingdom, Keeper of the Door

Scribe of the Kingdom, Keeper of the Door

As well as being t St. Cecilia’s day, 22nd November is also the day CS Lewis died in 1963. I remember the great celebration of his life, work and witness we had throughout 2013 and especially the honour and pleasure I had in Lecturing on him at St. Margaret’s Westminster and attending the ceremony at which his memorial stone was installed in Poet’s corner, an event that would not have taken place without the hard work and forsight of Michael Ward amongst others. I wrote a  sonnet  for Lewis as part of that year of celebration., and so, on the Anniversary of his death, I am posting it again here. It waspublished in my volume of poems The Singing Bowl, with Canterbury Press.

As usual you can hear me read the poem by clicking on the ‘play’ button, or on the title of the poem

CS Lewis

From ‘Beer and Beowulf’ to the seven heavens,

Whose music you conduct from sphere to sphere,

You are our portal to those hidden havens

Whence we return to bless our being here.

Scribe of the Kingdom, keeper of the door

Which opens on to all we might have lost,

Ward of a word-hoard in the deep hearts core

Telling the tale of Love from first to last.

Generous, capacious, open, free,

Your wardrobe-mind has furnished us with worlds

Through which to travel, whence we learn to see

Along the beam, and hear at last the heralds,

Sounding their summons, through the stars that sing,

Whose call at sunrise brings us to our King.

Your wardrobe mind has furnished us with worlds

Your wardrobe mind has furnished us with worlds

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6 responses to “CS Lewis: A Sonnet

  1. Patricia Conneen

    Dear Malcolm, That was a fantastic ceremony. The procession was so impressive! It was such a privilege to be able to attend. That was the day Den and I first met the Redfords. We had lunch at the Café in the Crypt at St. Martins and we’ve been friends since. As it’s the U.S. Thanksgiving Day this week I wanted to take a second to thank you for making the most of the incredible gifts you’ve been given and for sharing them with the rest of us. You have enriched our lives more than you’ll ever know. I hope you, Maggie and the kids are staying well. With fondest memories, Pat

    Sorry you’re so fuzzy. 🙂 >

  2. bscotford755btinternetcom

    Dear Malcolm,
    I have set your sonnet ‘The Winter Child’ to music. It’s a simple setting for piano and 4-part choir. I would very much like you to have my original copy of the composition. I have been invited to submit it for inclusion on our Diocesan Website during Advent. I made a recording of it in our parish church- with me playing the accompaniment and a member of the church choir singing my setting of the words. I have naturally attributed the poem to you. I have searched for an address so that I could ask your permission for this – but this is the only contact point I have. Please advise, but I wait in hope!

  3. Malcolm Hopkins

    This was great – as always, so thank you! I love many of your sonnets and music – especially that one about ‘they don’t make movies of a love like that!’ So keep on truckin!

    I tried twice to buy you 3 coffees – one for you, one for me and then for some cake, but alas PayPal doesn’t like me and refuses to process my Visa card which I use for everything. Don’t know why as it’s from the Royal Bank of Canada – so unless u set up credit cards without the intermediary of PayPal, I’ll just have to drop by in Oxford one day and look you up and take u to you favourite local pub or coffee shop.

    A fellow Malcolm – what a great name!

    • malcolmguite

      Thanks Malcolm and sorry about the PayPal issues. Let’s just make it a real coffee when these things are possible again M

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