A glorious wedding and a sonnet to suit.

Joanna and Nicholas; a picture of joy! (Photo:Paul Clarke)

I had the great joy of preaching, in Portsmouth Cathedral at the wedding of my good friend Joanna Jepson, who is a well-spring and a great blessing to those who know her. She and her fiance had asked me for a poem as a wedding present and I was happy to oblige. I post it here with their permission in the hope that as well as being personal and particular to them, whose names are as it were watermarked into all I have written, it may also speak to other couples too.

As always you can hear it on audioboo by clicking on the play button if it appears or on the title of the poem


If anyone is in Christ there is a new creation 2 Cor.5:17

Now you have come at last to the first day
Inside that Love whose end is to begin.
Circles and spirals find their hidden way
Home to this centre where they hold and stay.
Old lives renew and quicken from within,
Love is the fountain in whose flow and play
All that you are is cleansed of every stain.
Singly you die and doubly live again.

Joy is alive in you like hidden grain
Open and growing in your common life
As you become each other’s dew and rain
Nurturing God’s good garden. Man and wife,
Now and forever, stand before your Lord
And be created by his Living Word.



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2 responses to “A glorious wedding and a sonnet to suit.

  1. Many congratulations to the two become one. Beautiful sonnet, Malcolm, as always. Thank you. Ruan

  2. cbmilne33

    Reblogged this on Cbmilne33’s Blog.

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